Your Key to Success: Effective GRE Test Prepartion

Dear Aspirants, Are you taking GRE for the First time? Relax, Throw your Pressures away start your Full-Fledged GRE Test Preparation.120 days are adequate for GRE Preparation. Here is my Tiny scrap. Hope it’d be Helpful to You.

1) Is GRE accepted for MBA admissions? Where can I find the list of B-schools that accept GRE?

Most of the universities have started to accept GRE scores for MBA too. You can find the list of B Schools that accept GRE score for MBA from here – List of B-Schools accepting GRE for MBA

In fact Indian School of Business also has started accepting GRE score for MBA admissions.

2) Like you said students can’t apply for part time off campus jobs. But I’ve heard many students find part time jobs. For ex:- working in a medical store! Is that true?

Many students do engage in off-campus jobs but it is not advised. Working off-campus jobs with an F-1 Visa is illegal and you can even be deported for that. However if you want to cite economic hardship as the reason to work off-campus you can do that, provided you have an waiver signed on by the university and school authorities you’re attending. There are various on-campus jobs that offer equal pay if not more in comparison to the off-campus ones. It is advised that any foreign international take up on-campus jobs as a means to support his/her education.

3) Is Magoosh Free flash Card good enough?

Magoosh flash cards are good considering a few things. The flashcards that Magoosh has consists of tabs with 50 words in it and these tabs are categorized into Basic, Common and Advanced words. Common words tab consists of commonly asked words in GRE but it features only up to 250-300 words. Magoosh flashcards consists of 1000 words overall taking all categories into account. While Magoosh maybe a great tool for vocabulary for some, it may not be enough for a lot of students simply due to its limitations in number of words and the way the explanation is provided for each word. A great app that eliminates this limitation in flashcards is GREedge’s Wordbot. With the wordbot app, you not only get upto 3500 words to learn (which by the way covers almost all words that can be featured in GRE), but the explanation of each word is also given with Mnemonics and pictures to help you remember each word.

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