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How many of them have seen our grandparents eating jaggery post lunch or dinner. Do you know the reason why do they eat it? There are a numerous of reasons behind it. There are countless therapeutic and nutritional health benefits of jaggery. It is not just a raw sweetening agent, but also a magnificent remedy for many ailments. Organic Jaggery is also called as medicinal sugar. It is prepared by Sugarcane juice, Date palm or Palmyra, which may vary in colors from golden brown to dark brown. It contains sugar in the form of sucrose. Chemically, it is defined as C12H22O12.

Jaggery is a great deal with asthma, anemia, bone joint pains and women menstrual pains. It also helps to normalize in digestion system, blood purification and prevent the skin problems such as pimples and acnes. It is a great instant energy booster. If you feel tired at any point of the day, then take a piece of jaggery with water can do surprise for you. It helps to increase the body energy level instantly. Jaggery is readily available in the online organic store in Chennai, mainly in three forms, such as solid jaggery, liquid jaggery and country (granular) jaggery.

The largest jaggery producer and consumer in India is the Maharashtra state, where people in Maharashtra generally use jaggery to eat and drink jaggery water to boost instant body energy level. Jaggery, which has ability to cleanse by removing toxins in the body also help to digest food properly. It contains high amount of iron, minerals, vitamins, and healthy nutrients etc.

Some of the outstanding health benefits of the jaggery are:

Purifies Blood

  • Regular consumption of jaggery helps in purifying blood by removing toxins in the body.
  • It helps to increase the blood hemoglobin count and increase immunity, thus prevents from many blood related disorders.

Regulate Digestive System

  • Jaggery is a very good digestive agent helps in maintaining digestive system properly functioning and developing digestion system.

Jaggery for Bones

  • It strengthens the bones and joints by preventing joint pain and other bone related issues.

Jaggery for Skin

  • Jaggery rich in vitamins and minerals it nourishes the skin and the whole body. It makes skin glowing and free of wrinkles, pimple, black spots, and acne.

Jaggery for Women

  • It helps in curing various women menstrual problems by helping relief from the stomach pain during periods.
  • Its richness of the iron content helps prevents from anemia by increasing levels of red blood cells and good for pregnant women. It is a source of instant energy, thus prevents from body tiredness and weakness.

How to Buy Organic Jaggery Online

Make sure to buy jaggery with organically produced sugarcane in the market. The MyrightBuy Online Organic shop in Chennai is the right place to buy groceries online in Chennai, and offers organically processed jaggery online. Buy pure raw jaggery instead of refined jaggery. It can be stored in the air tight container to prevent from moisture, ants and other insects. Place it in the dark and dry place.